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Kitchissippi development overview

There are multiple complex projects in the ward that are keeping us busy. We're trying to maintain an updated list of those here.

Below is an updated list of the development projects that have either been recently approved, are actively under review or appeal - or under construction in the ward.

A reminder that for any project that has been formally submitted to the City, you can visit the City's development applications site (known as “DevApps”) to view more information. Clicking on the highlighted address for most of the applications below will take you to the City's development site to view the full applications.  Please note, however, that the site does not include proposals that have not been formally submitted yet and/or are currently in the consultation phase. 

Posted May 1, 2021

NCC Burnside embassies application

On Wednesday night, I'm hosting an open house to which residents are invited to hear from the NCC about their proposal for an "embassy row" on the open parcel of land between Burnside and the SJAM parkway.

Ahead of that meeting, I've been asked for my views on the application. I'd like to state that I am opposed to it, and have in the preceeding weeks expressed that opposition to both the NCC and to the City.

Posted February 8, 2021

Webb's Motel site vote expected in February

Since last spring, residents around the former Webb’s Motel (1705 Carling Avenue) have been working in opposition to the 22-storey apartment tower and 9-storey retirement building proposed for the site.

This is the second big proposal for the site after an initial proposal was made to develop it with a nine-storey apartment building that would have fit within the zoning. Subsequent to approval of that site plan, however, Claridge acquired the site and made this new proposal that requires a re-zoning and Council vote.

Residents have been writing to me and to the Planning Department for several months in opposition to the application and asking questions about the path forward. I’m writing today to clarify the process from here, and to note that I anticipate supporting the application.

Posted December 27, 2020

First look at Westboro infill study

For many years, infill housing has been a key discussion in Kitchissippi. The demolition of older homes to make room for new dwellings at a more intense scale is changing how our neighbourhoods look and feel, adding pressure to street parking, removing trees from the urban canopy, and made stormwater management more challenging. It is adding new residents and neighbours. The construction of it frequently results in conflict on hitherto quiet streets.

Virtually all infill requires variances from existing zoning, and bi-weekly Committee of Adjustment hearings are a flashpoint week in and week out.

Posted October 23, 2020

320 McRae/315 Tweedsmuir

The 320 McRae/315 Tweedsmuir proposal that was approved over a year ago has come in with a re-submitted design. The key difference from the approved version to this is the relocation of the parklet further south, which consolidates two garage entrances. The height remains the same, though there are some smaller tweaks. Click the .pdf file below to see the new site plan. The full application will be available on the City's web site soon.

Posted April 24, 2020

Ashcroft visitor parking application

We have received word that Ashcroft has applied for a re-zoning to allow 11 surface parking spots at its convent site, 114 Richmond Rd.

This is the latest step in an ongoing discussion with Ashcroft and with residents of the building there about the lack of visitor parking onsite. While the details are not yet online, I can provide some colour on the issue.

Ashcroft’s site plan for the first phase required that they provide some visitor parking. It’s been asserted to me that those spots were subsequently sold to residents. Our office has been pursuing by-law enforcement since last summer, and Ashcroft had been issued a Notice of Violation for not meeting their visitor parking requirements. This application, however, stops the clock on that action.

I am seeking some details about the application. We are still at the “head’s-up” stage, but I’m given to understand that this is not the typical three-year temporary zoning exception we normally see in these instances, but a zoning amendment. We’ll have to wait for the application to be put on line to get those details.

Posted January 27, 2019