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1248-1252 Wellington Street West - Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control Applications

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The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control application for the development of the property located at 1248-1252 Wellington Street West that seeks to retain the existing building on site and construct an addition in the southern (rear) portion of the property. The proposed addition would contain a commercial unit at-grade with two four-bedroom residential dwelling units above.

The subject site is located on the corner of Wellington Street West (Traditional Mainstreet) and Huron Avenue North, in the Island Park – Wellington Village Neighbourhood. The irregular lot has an area of 467.2 square metres, with 15.96 metres frontage on Wellington Street West and an irregular lot depth varying from 28.48 metres (along eastern interior side lot line) and 30.42 metres (along western corner side lot line). The site is currently zoned Traditional Maintreet Zone, Subzone 11, Urban Exception 1815 (TM11[1815]) and is subject to Wellington Street West Secondary Plan. The property is currently occupied by a two-storey mixed-use building with commercial (office and retail) use on the ground floor and residential apartment dwelling unit above. The southern (rear) portion of the site contains surface parking. The subject property is listed on the City of Ottawa’s Municipal Heritage Register as a non-designated property.

The area surrounding the subject site is characterized by a broad mix of uses and building typologies ranging from commercial (office, retail, raestaurant), mixed-use, and low- and mid-rise residential. The Tunney’s Pasture LRT Station is located approximately 600 metres north of the subject property. To the immediate east and south of the subject site is one-storey commercial building municipally addressed 1244 Wellington Avenue West, to the immediate west of the subject site (across intersection with Huron Avenue North) is a mixed-use building municipally addressed 154 Huron Avenue North, to the immediate north on the opposite side of the street is a commercial building municipally addressed 1245 Wellington Avenue West and a surface parking lot associated with it.

The purpose of this application is to accommodate the redevelopment of the site to construct a three[1]storey addition with 527.8 square metres GFA in the southern (rear) portion of the property in place of the existing surface parking. The proposed addition would contain a commercial unit at-grade with two four-bedroom residential dwelling units above. Zero vehicular parking is being proposed; however, three bicycle parking spaces are proposed outside, along the Huron Avenue North. A garbage room will be located internally on the ground level.

The applicant seeks to rezone the subject site from Traditional Maintreet Zone, Subzone 11, Urban Exception 1815 (TM11[1815]) to introduce new site-specific provisions to permit the following requested relief:

• A minimum building height of 6.7 metres is required for a distance of 20 metres from the front lot line. The existing building provides a height of 4.3 metres for a distance of 4.8 metres from the front lot line.

• The Traditional Mainstreet Zone requires a minimum corner side yard setback of 3.0 metres, whereas the proposed development provides a minimum setback of 2.25 metres (for the existing building and proposed addition).

 • The Traditional Mainstreet Zone restricts office uses from being located within a depth of six metres of the front wall of the main building abutting the street. Relief from this provision is requested to permit an office use within these commercial units.


The submission is live on Devapps , where you can review additional supporting documents for this application.

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Posted July 11, 2022