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At Library Board last night – next steps towards a new library

There’s been some good press last night and this morning about what transpired at the Ottawa Public Library Board last night: another step towards achieving an expanded new branch.

The details are a bit convoluted, and I hope this post helps residents understand how the decisions made at that meeting help us.

Broadly, since the consultations the Rosemount Expansion and Development group and I held over the spring and summer, the community has largely focused on getting a new branch nearby to the current location. There has been growing acceptance that expanding the existing branch would likely cost too much money to achieve too little usable space. While I’m grateful for the patience and hard work of all involved, leasing discussions in one of the new buildings have run their course.

READ, community groups and I have come to the conclusion that if we’re ever to get the space we need, we need a new branch.

Posted September 7, 2016

Rosemount library consultation report now available

The Rosemount Expansion and Development (READ) group and Councillor Jeff Leiper are pleased today to release the report arising from their joint community consultation on the future of the Rosemount Library branch. The report summarizes months of discussions between community, Library, City and other stakeholders exploring how the branch can serve the near west end of Ottawa for years to come.

As the report demonstrates, the Library is one of Ottawa’s best-loved. Its caring, professional and attentive staff does an outstanding job of serving a diverse community. Its location in the heart of Hintonburg ensures strong partnerships between the Library and surrounding schools, social agencies, and residents. Despite its small size, it serves as an access point to the system-wide resources offered by the Library.

Posted July 7, 2016