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Wellington "dooring zone" results

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For a couple of years now, the corridor between Holland and Parkdale on Wellington West has been painted with experimental markings. Those are intended to reduce the number of "doorings" we've had through that stretch. "Doorings" is how cyclists refer to those events when a car door suddenly opens into a bike's path - it can result in very serious injury. I can't assert that the trial has elminated them, though we've gone from five reported serious doorings in the summer of 2014 to none since the markings went in. Recently, I sat down with the City's Shawn McGuire to talk about the trial, how it was analyzed, and the results. Click on the .pdf below to read a high level description of the results, or play the video to see a more in-depth discussion. We had a pre-roll image up while waiting to start, so scrol through to the start of the video at 3:26.

(This is the first time I've tried webcasting a more complex item on FB Live. We learned a couple of things to watch for, such as ensuring that the right mic is being used, and that FB's captioning engine is not up to snuff. We'll keep exploring the various tools available.)

Posted July 20, 2017