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Traffic analysis round 3!

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In months past, I've asked for your help to analyze what's happening at the corners of Harmer/Wellington and Island Park/Byron, which have been highlighted to me as problematic. Another corner about which I frequently hear is West Wellington and Rosemount/Carruthers - an odd dog-leg of an intersection. I filmed it from roughly 3:05 (Connaught bell) to 4:30 on a weekday afternoon.

Again, Kevin O'Donnell has volunteered his time and diced the footage up into clips, served up one at a time to help us spot problems. I would be very grateful if residents could take a look at and donate your eyeballs and attention.

The previous two rounds were very interesting to our traffic staff, and I've been encouraged to continue with it. The only substantial difference this time is that staff have indicated they don't need the counts - those are easily enough obtained by other means. But, the in-depth look at problems is something they're interested in. Help us out!

Posted September 23, 2016