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Reid Park Re-Development: preliminary concept plans

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Reid Park Re-Development

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As many of you know, we wrapped up our public consultation process to re-design Reid Park. We’ve submitted our wish-list to City planners, who have in-turn created professional preliminary concept plans. Going forward with this process, we are in the planner’s hands; they are as excited about this project as we are.

At the moment, there are two plans (A) and (B), which are quite similar, with the exception of the layout of the asphalt path network. Both concepts detail in a much clearer and professional way the wish-list we created during our consultation process. Unfortunately, a washroom is not feasible with our envelope of cash, however, the park is being designed considering potential future additions.

Both plans show:

  • The removal of the existing parking lot off Reid Avenue and illustrate how we would use the Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club’s parking lot as the main lot.
  • The demolition of the existing park building (former Reid farmhouse).
  • The creation of a sledding hill.
  • The widening and improving of vehicular access into the park, off Macfarlane Avenue.
  • Containing the off-leash dog area with 3-4  foot height wood post & rail fencing.
  • Removing of the current basketball court and relocating it to the northeast section of the park.
  •  The creation of a new playground & swings area in the place of the current basketball court.
  • The creation of new asphalt pathway network around the park.
  • A new gazebo.
  • A Reid Farm interpretive heritage feature.
  • Developing the former municipal yard in the northeast section of the park.
  • Installing a new basketball court (mentioned above), fitness stations and a formal community garden on the former municipal yard.
  • The creation of a pedestrian-only access from Reid Avenue.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these plans, so we can address any issues as they arise.

If we continue at this speed, we are looking at some work beginning this summer!



Posted February 4, 2016