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R4 Zoning Review – Second Discussion Paper

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A second discussion paper for the R4 Zoning Review is now available online and staff are seeking feedback until April 19, 2017. We have attached the paper here, but you can also find it by following this link:

The R4 Zoning Review began in September 2016 and is intended to address issues most commonly found in inner-urban, low-rise multi-unit development. While the focus will be on the R4-zoned areas, the review also touches on aspects of the zoning by-law applicable to other inner urban zones, such as the R3 zones in the Glebe and Old Ottawa East, and to a much lesser extent has implications city-wide.

Of particular interest is the tendency towards oversized dwelling units (with as many as six, eight or even twelve bedrooms) being developed in duplexes, triplexes and low-rise apartment dwellings. The review will look at such zoning matters as limits on permitted bedroom counts, definition of a "dwelling unit" versus a "rooming house," and permitted unit counts in R4 zones.

Key considerations for the R4 zoning review are:

  • Ensuring that new low-rise apartment buildings permitted in the R4 zones are compatible and fit with their neighbourhoods in both form and function
  • Ensuring that the R4 zones can continue to accommodate the growing number of people who want to live in the inner-urban, low-rise neighbourhoods in a way that balances the needs of new residents with those of existing residents and maintain a sense of stability
  • Allowing the R4 zones to accommodate the need for affordable housing while protecting the character of the R4 urban neighbourhoods

We look forward to your feedback.

Posted March 6, 2017