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Most recent bus route review draft

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One of my first tasks when I'm back in the office on Monday will be to take a close look at the most recent draft of the proposed new bus routes proposed as part of a re-structuring intended to help restore some stability to the system. Below, I've posted the most recent document that we received (click on the .pdf). That was passed on from OC Transpo with the caution that they are now nearing the finalization of these after having spent the past couple of months getting feedback from the public and councillors. 

I've only scanned it, but a few things stand out.

  • Route 11 is still proposed to stop at Bayview, but is no longer slated to extend deep into the east end. I'm pleased with the latter change that I had asked be held off until transit priority measures could be broadly implemented to help keep that route on time. I and I know many of you are still concerned about the deke and stop at Bayview. If that proceeds, I'm concerned about the added time from leftbound turns at Preston and Bayview. 
  • Route 12 will, though, travel from Blair through Tunney's. I heard from some of you concerned about losing the connectivity via the 16 to downtown from Tunney's as an alternative to the train. This restores that, although some in Champlain Park and Westboro Beach will lose the door-to-door service.
  • There will also be a new route 13 that will travel to Gatineau from Tunney's, serving Terraces and Place du Portage. That was proposed in the earlier draft, but I missed it.
  • Route 16, however, continues to be proposed to be eliminated west of downtown.
  • Route 51 continues to be proposed to run down Kirkwood to Clair, south on Churchill, the west on Dovercourt to serve Carlingwood and Lincoln Fields. I believe the proposal was to have that travel from Carlingwood north on Woodroffe to continue west on Richmond. However, it looks like that's been re-thought, and from Carlingwood it will travel west on Carling to serve Lincoln Fields station.

This is just a first pass at it as I look through tonight, and I'll look forward to your feedback. Please be sure to send any feedback to me at to ensure my staff see it and can collate it for me.

Posted January 6, 2024