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LRT shutdown - July 19 update

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Council has received this afternoon this most recent memo on progress toward resolving the current LRT shutdown.

This memo is to provide an update to Mayor and Members of Council on the current service levels and ongoing investigation.

R1 Service

Currently, OC Transpo is providing the following service levels to our customers:

  • R1 bus service continues to run between Tunney’s Pasture and Blair stations
  • We will be increasing the number of buses for the afternoon peak service. 32 buses will be in operation this afternoon, instead of 28
  • Starting tomorrow, 36 buses, instead of 28, will run during peak periods
  • This change is being made to increase reliability and mitigate traffic issues that impact bus service
  • Service continues to run well, and our Transit Operations Control Centre is working with Traffic Services, to make adjustments to R1 service to further increase reliability and reduce wait times for customers
  • Staff continue to be at stations supporting customers during their trips

We encourage customers to visit for the latest information about their trips.

Ongoing investigation
Work is progressing on all key areas for the ongoing investigation:


Completed work:

  • Rail geometry assessments were completed
  • The axle hub assemblies of 9 light rail vehicles have been checked and none have been discovered that are out of tolerance
  • The underbodies of 35 light rail vehicles have been inspected and no evidence of excess grease has been found
  • The axle hub assembly from the light rail vehicle where an issue was discovered has been sent to the manufacturer for detailed investigation

Planned work:

  •  Analysis of the results of the rail geometry assessments to identify any non- conformances
  • Remaining light rail vehicles will be checked for wear and tear of the axle hub assembly

Instrumented Bogie Tests:

Completed work:

The test train completed several runs in different train and track configurations, to simulate real world conditions

Planned work:

  • Additional test train runs in various configurations
  • Test train will be coupled with a light rail vehicle fitted with Smart Bugs to gather additional data
  • Results from previous tests to be analyzed

Return to Service Plan:

RTG is currently developing a plan

I will continue to provide updates as information becomes available. Thank you,

Original signed by, Renée Amilcar


Posted July 19, 2023