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LRT out of service until further notice

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As residents have I'm sure already read, the LRT service has been stopped while they investigate a bearing issue that was found this afternoon during a routine inspection. This evening Council was provided with the update that I've copied below.

Keep in mind tomorrow that if you travel by routes other than the LRT, it's possible there will be trip cancellations as they bolster R1 service. Check your trip before you leave, and give yourself lots of time.

Good evening, Mayor and Members of Council,  

I am writing to provide an update on the current state of our rail service and to provide the most up to date information regarding the issue that was discovered during a routine inspection earlier today.  

  • Currently, OC Transpo is providing the following service levels to our customers:  
  • R1 bus service is running between Tunney’s Pasture and Blair station  
  • To support R1 service there are 20 buses in operation providing customers with service every 10 minutes. Service is running well  
  • Signage has been installed in O-Train stations to ensure customers are aware of R1 service  

This is what customers can expect until further notice:  

  • R1 service will be operating from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station until further notice 
  • R1 service will start at 5:00 am and operate until 1:00 am. Our Transit Operations Control Centre is working to balance service delivery to support customers as best as possible, with a goal of 5-minute bus service  
  • Staff are scheduled to be at all major stations to support customers during their commute   
  • Additional signage is being installed to ensure customers are provided with accurate information during their trip  
  • Regular updates are being provided to customers on our social media and posted on our website. Customers are encouraged to visit for the latest information  

Here’s what you need to know about the issue that was identified earlier today; this is similar to the axle bearing issues that have occurred in the past.  

  • During a routine 50,000 kilometres inspection of one of the light rail vehicles, excess grease on one axle was discovered  
  • Upon further investigation an axle check was done, and it was determined that the bearing play was over the threshold at which it could stay in operation  
  • The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and, out of an abundance of caution, Line 1 service was suspended to allow for a complete investigation  
  • Our team is focused on working with RTG and Alstom on the investigation 

Here is an update on the current investigation: 

  • All light rail vehicles are being safely returned to the Maintenance and Storage Facility. This will allow for every single axle to be inspected and checked for any play within the axle hub  
  • Alstom is conducting inspections of the track
Posted July 17, 2023