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Loblaws proposed development

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With apologies for the late posting (we used social media and the newsletter to spread word last week), I want to make sure everyone knows about a proposal by the Loblaws Real Estate Income Trust to develop the back of the 190 Richmond Road Superstore property. Loblaws is proposing a big new residential development, as described below. They have not yet applied for the necessary re-zonings, and I'll have a lot more information online in the next few weeks. There will be consultation once the application becomes a formal one for re-zoning with the City. Thanks to the community associations for using their channels to spread word.

There is a first open house to look at the plans on May 4 from 6:30-8:30 at the Churchill Seniors Centre (345 Richmond Road).

This is a proposal to construct a 193-unit retirement home, consisting of two six-storey volumes connected at the second, third and fourth storeys, on a site currently occupied by a large-format retail food store and associated surface parking. The proposed development is situated at the southeast corner of the site, adjacent to Byron Ave. and Kirkwood Ave. The main building facade will be oriented to Kirkwood Avenue. Vehicular access to the site will be via a driveway from Kirkwood Avenue, which passes between the two six-storey volumes to a drop-off area and a ramp leading to the underground parking garage. 109 below-ground parking spaces are provided, as are 48 bicycle spaces. Landscaping will separate the drop-off area from the parking associated with retail uses already on the site.

Note that the Superstore would continue in its current location.

The proposal that came out of the contentious approvals process when the Superstore was first built was for townhomes, and I'm hearing from some residents that they'd like to stick to the plan. These are early days and I'm not certain where I'll land on this one. Send me feedback pro and con once you've had a chance to look at the plans and give it some thought.

Posted May 3, 2016