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Kitchissippi MP candidate survey

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Dear candidate for Ottawa-Centre.

First, thanks for standing for election in our fast-growing, dynamic riding. Kitchissippi’s diverse neighbourhoods from Mechanicsville to McKellar Heights will all be represented by our new Member of Parliament. While the campaign is a swirl of issues ranging from national to city-wide, there are several issues of particular importance to our ward in particular about which residents would be grateful to hear your views. Once again, I’m canvassing the candidates on some key issues, and will be publishing the replies I’ve received by September 10 on September 13. I’ll be publishing these as received, editing only to format and correct obvious typos.

  1. The National Capital Commission has received permission to build two six-storey largely residential buildings at the south end of Rochester Field. There is no plan to develop those immediately, however. If elected, would you exert your influence as MP for the riding to ensure that this federal land is kept as much-needed green space?
  2. In the same vein, the National Capital Commission is also seeking to provide space to build embassies in the lands north of Burnside Avenue in Mechanicsville. If elected, will you work to similarly prevent development in that open, treed space?
  3. There is a 2014 master plan in place for the development of Tunney’s Pasture as a dense new community. Communications from the federal government with residents and City officials has been largely opaque. How will you ensure a more transparent flow of information? The ward’s recreational facilities and housing affordability are under severe pressure with intensification. How will you work to ensure that the Tunney’s Pasture development adds both new recreational facilities and affordable housing?
  4. The winter trail that parallels the Parkway has been an invaluable addition to outdoor recreation opportunities but continues to be volunteer-run and its sustainability is not guaranteed. How will you help to ensure a financially sustainable future for this incredible facility on NCC land?
  5. Kitchissippi residents have made it clear that burying the parking garage on the federal land at the new Dow’s Lake Civic Hospital campus is a priority, as is ensuring an easy-to-use, intuitive connection to the Trillium Line. How will you help ensure both?
  6. Kitchissippi is a rapidly changing and gentrifying ward. I and others will be watching the election for policies on child-care, transit, cycling, poverty reduction, housing, food security and climate change in order to build an inclusive, healthy, sustainable community. Is there anything you'd tell Kitchissippi voters specifically about how you'll help achieve progress in these areas for the neighbourhoods in our ward?
Posted August 23, 2021