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Drive-through proposal for 70 Richmond

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I and community stakeholders received word this week that Main & Main, which owns the recently heritage-designated gas station at the corner of Island Park and Richmond Road, has applied for permission to build an addition to add a drive-through to the site for a "high end coffee shop".

Details have not yet been posted to the City's site, but will be soon. I've copied the City's note below, and will distribute a link to the full documents when available. In the meantime, I've copied the planning rationale (the really key document) to my Dropbox (again, due to size - apologies for any inconvenience). You can download it here.

I am, like many of you from whom I've heard, adamantly opposed to a drive-through on our main street. I believe that it would have a seriously detrimental effect on the walkability of the neighbourhood, attract further traffic to the area, and simply exacerbate the traffic issues we already have on both Island Park and Richmond. It would be a backwards step in what the City is trying to achieve with neighbourhoods such as West Wellington and Westboro.

Drive-throughs have been specifically treated in our Official Plan, and are clearly not allowed on Traditional Mainstreets. While Main & Main is seeking a re-zoning, I am firm in my belief that permission would require an Official Plan amendment - a much higher bar.

I've already registered my opposition with the head of our planning department and with the chair of the Planning Committee. Thus far, the feedback I've gotten internally at City Hall has been encouraging. It does not look likely that Main & Main will win political or staff support for its proposal. While a heritage designation complicates the developer's plans, it is not sufficient justification for a drive-through.

This proposal is expected to go to Planning committee in mid-June. Once it's made fully public, there will be a public consultation period, and I'll be asking for your help to ensure the City hears our views on the appropriateness of a drive-through.

Here's the head's-up:

[A] Zoning By-law amendment and Site Plan Control application has been submitted for 70 Richmond Road (D02-02-16-0017 (Zoning) / D07-12-16-0031 (Site Plan)). 

The applications are to permit a one-storey 65m2 addition and conversion of the existing building into a restaurant with a drive-through facility.

The existing building is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act and is currently vacant but was most recently used as an automobile service centre.

The purpose of the Zoning By-law amendment is primarily to add a drive-through facility as a permitted use, which also results in amendments for reducing the number of queuing lane spaces and setbacks, landscape width, and any other provisions that may be determined as part of the review. I have attached the applicant’s planning rationale for more details.

The Site Plan application is required as a result of the proposed drive-through facility. With the proposed 65m2 addition and conversion of the building into a restaurant, the total proposed gross floor area is approximately 170m2. Additional site changes also include new landscaping and an outdoor patio for the restaurant patrons.

The site is located on the southwest corner of Richmond Road and Island Park Drive intersection. A location map is attached for reference.

The target date for Planning Committee for the zoning amendment application is June 14, 2016.



Posted March 18, 2016