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404 Eden next steps

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On Friday, residents read an article in the media about the developer of a property on Hopewell Avenue who, it was asserted, has put many more units into the building than he had led stakeholders to believe was his intent. The same developer has zoning permission at 404 Eden to build a multi-unit apartment building, and residents are concerned that they might see the same thing here.

Yesterday afternoon, I "lifted" delegated authority for the 404 Eden site plan from staff so that it will be required to go to a vote of Planning Committee and Council rather than be approved simply at the staff level. I believe this will give us more time to understand what protections our community can expect against an unexpected increase in units, as well as give the developer a chance to make commitments to the community in a public forum and in front of elected officials.

In most development scenarios in our ward, site plan applications are the step that follows a re-zoning. Site plan deals with technical matters, and are generally approved by City staff using authority delegated to them by Council. However, the ward councillor needs to approve the use of that authority. That concurrence is almost always forthcoming, though councillors can use the site plan process to negotiate final improvements to the plan after consultation with residents.

In this instance, however, in light of the very strong concern being expresed by residents, it would be irresponsible of me not to make the process as transparent as possible by bringing it into a more public forum. I do not know when this might come before Committee, but will give residents any further details as I learn them.

You can see the full details for the 404 Eden site plan application here.

Posted October 28, 2017